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Jim did an awesome job cleaning up our water high in iron. He was the easiest to do business with and always went above an beyond with his work. I don’t ever go out of my way to write a review, but he is sincerely the best at what he does. Knowledgeable, efficient, and reasonable, which is hard to find these days. I would recommend to anyone looking for a professional who knows how to get the job done right!
— Katherine
TRUE STORY: 2 years ago Jim installed the water filtration system in my house. You did such a great job and I was so satisfied with the work. Flash Forward two years in one night our water filtration system had some issues because another contractors mistake. I was away from home on work for 2 months and my wife called Jim in a panic see if he could help.

The next day he came over dropping other jobs. He checked the system and ensured that it was working correctly (it was) And told my wife how to correct the problem. He got it running correctly, help my wife troubleshoot issues over the phone, and even left another filter for us. I can't thank him enough for his great work ethic and such a great company. True hero! I wish all businesses were like this! Don't go anywhere else to get your water filtration system installed. Get Jim to do it and it will be done- correctly.
— Jonathan
Jim did a great job installing our new water softener system. He was so knowledgeable and easy to work with. He was very nice and took the time to answer all my questions. He fixed things that previous contractors had done incorrectly. I would highly recommend Jim for all your water problems - he will be our first call from now on. Thanks, Jim!

— Amy D.
Purchased my home and 6 months later my well pump failed.  I called Jim at 7 in the morning and he was here about an hour later.  Very professional and super knowledgeable.  The job was done quickly and professionally.  This could have been a nightmare for me considering I have a newborn and needed him here ASAP.  I expect to be charged for an emergency visit but was not.  All things considered the replacement was very affordable and very quick turnaround. Highly recommend Army of One for all your well and water needs. Thanks  again Jim!!
— Jeremy T.
We are new homeowners.  Although our learning curve is steep, Jim was great about explaining how the system works and strategizing the best steps to take. He was very considerate, friendly, and treated me and our house with respect. Jim went above and beyond by testing our water to double check the Inspector's Report. He also removed a redundant filter under our kitchen sink that renewed the water pressure to that faucet. I feel confident that we are getting a quality system. Jim is a refreshing combination of both expertise and humility. Thanks, Jim.
— Katie W.
Jim was the best guy ever to work on my house. he was quick to answer a message, fair on pricing, honest and did the work as promised. Great service from a very honest and qualified person. I would highly recommend having Jim do your work. As with everything in life - you get what you pay for. I got a fair price for a water system installed quickly and professionally. Attention to detail and great customer service!
— Jonathan H.
Amazing experience! So happy we called Jim to help us with our water issues. He is honest and sincere about doing the best job,
And tries to save you money. He was awesome to work with!
Thanks so much Jim!
— Lois O.
We recently had Jim here to fix an arsenic problem with our well water.  What a great person to do business with!  He returns calls, arrives on time , does quality work with quality products, leaves workplace spotless, and is a great down to earth guy who just is truly interested in trying to help with your water problems.  So glad we decided to call Jim!  He is the best!  Thank you Jim
— Marie M.
Fantastic experience!! I spoke to Jim on Friday and he had a system expertly installed by Tuesday afternoon.  His straight forward and honest approach and strong customer service truly sets him apart from his competitors!!  I would recommend him for his installation and service in a heartbeat.
— Jason M.
Jim recently installed a Water Filtration System and Water Tank in my home.  I am so pleased with the workmanship.  Jim is a very honest person and he guarantees his work.  It was a pleasure doing business with him. 
— Betty H.
Jim is a great guy! His work is very clean and professional. He's  honest and guarantees all his work. If you're looking for someone to do a water system shop with army of one You won't be disappointed!!

Thanks again Jim!
— Ryan K.
Jim always calls me back ASAP.  He follows up by making a visit within a day.  He looks to save the client money by being honest and is extremely knowledgeable about his field of work.
— Howard C.
Jim is honest, knowledgeable and his prices beat other estimates we got by a significant margin. It can be upsetting to have water problems at your home-- but Jim will explain everything and work with you to find the right solution for your family. He is also a very friendly person and a devoted family man. I have searched far and wide for good contractors to work with in the area-- Army of 1 is the best of the best, and an easy choice to go with moving forward. 
— Michelle V
When I purchased my home with a shallow well, there was a high risk of bacteria in the water. Jim installed a UV, Sediment, and Carbon filtration system. He was so friendly to work with as well as trustworthy, prompt, and flexible. All of which are hard to come by these days. He also answered my questions without pressuring me into unnecessary parts and systems. If you want better quality water I absolutely recommend Army Of 1.
— Laura Z
Dealt with Mr. Jim Morse  for about a year now with several different projects. Always on time, Always a professional, Listens to the customers concerns !  In my opinion THE BEST in the business!!!!
— Christopher S
I bought a brand new condo in Hubbardston, where the water was loaded with iron . Jim fixed it when he said, for what he said, and backs it up. I'm very satisfied with the results and service.
— Peter D
When I bought my house, I found there was arsenic in the well. Army of One was recommended by both a friend from church and a friend from work. Jim found the best solution to meet our needs, and went out of his way to make it meet our budget. Quality work, excellent customer service. I highly suggest you give him a call.
— Monica N.
For the last year we have been dealing with the typical water stains, clogged faucets, lack of water pressure... higher blood pressure and crazy quotes! I was referred to Jim and Army of One from another happy customer. The fact is, you can hear great remarks non-stop about Jim and what he does. For someone these days to go above and beyond to make sure you get the best bang for your buck, while thinking of what will best help your family is rare. His work is second to none - he actually went the extra step and took care of a small water leak I had in another section of my home... just because. My family could not speak any higher of Jim and Army of One! Thank you for everything you did!
— Mike W.
Army of 1 rescued my radon removal system! We didn't know we were having a bad contractor experience until we had a great one with Jim. He fixed the problems with our radon removal system that our previous service provider could not. He is responsive, honest, experienced, and reasonably priced. We'll be calling him for any future water system needs. Thank you Jim!
— Andrea S.
Since my wife and I purchased our home a few years ago our well has caused several headaches. Jim has been extraordinarily helpful in both diagnosing and treating the different problems as they've come up. He's not only skilled and professional, but has been of great service to my whole neighborhood (all of my neighbors have used and recommended his services to us as well). You never want to have problems with your water system, but when you do, Jim is the best.
— Jon R.
Jim is extremely knowledgeable and professional. He quickly came in and explained the best course of action for my specific water problems. A few weeks later we scheduled up and he came in and installed the new system in under four hours. He then takes the time to explain how it works and any necessary maintenance. He backs every job he does and is willing to come whenever there is a problem. I highly recommend him to friends and family alike. Definitely worth every penny.
— Kevin M.
The aeration system Jim installed greatly improved our quality of life by removing the sulfur smell from our water. No more smelly showers, laundry, or while doing dishes. The effect was immediate. We had suffered through another vendor's solution for 3 months but Jim fixed it with the right approach. He leaves the work area clean, he provides instructions on the equipment, and he is on-time for his appointments. What more can you ask for? Highly recommended.
— Lori M.
Our water had so much iron in it that we could not even drink it. We couldn't even buy white clothing because the rust would stain the whites so bad that we could not wear them again. I had a water filtration specialist come into my home and provide an estimate. I was shocked at the price. It was extremely high. I then contacted Jim at Army of 1. Jim came to our home and tested our water and provided an estimate right away. I was impressed with Jim's knowledge and professionalism. I called Jim the next day to setup an appointment to have the filtration system installed. Jim was on time, completed the job, and was very informative. We noticed a HUGE difference in our water quality right away. We can now drink our water and buy white clothing. Wish we would have called Jim sooner. Thanks so much!!!
— Diane R.
We believed we needed a larger expensive water treatment to fix our never ending water problems, but Jim solved our problem with a reasonable system that he installed quickly and professionally. We highly recommend Army of 1 to anyone with water problems! We are so thrilled with our new water!
— Peter S.
Since we moved into the area we had major problems with hard water. Our new appliances were ruined and badly stained. We spent thousands on softeners, water heaters, and filters to take care of our smelly hard water. After another company installed their equipment and it failed we were told they couldn't help us. We were back at square one and felt like we wasted money. We were given the number for Army of 1 and were immediately happy we called. Jim is knowledgeable, professional, informative, honest and ethical; rare qualities in today's business world. We never felt oversold, there was never a sales pitch, and the job was done quickly and professionally. If you need or have any filters or softeners, save yourself time and frustration and just call Army of 1 first.
— Jon L.
When my wife and I moved in to our home it was noticed that the iron in our water was high requiring us to invest in a water softening system. We contacted Army of One to get a quote and found the response time to be quick and the price very reasonable. Our water system is going on seven years and we’ve only needed normal maintenance on the equipment. The service and products provided by Army of One is top notch. If there is ever a question or concern, I know that we can contact Army of One and get a quick response and a straightforward answer. We have and will continue to recommend Army of One to anyone looking for quality and professional service.
— Jason P. Chase
After living in our home for 4 years and hiring 2 different water companies to help with the iron in our water we were at our wits end. Our appliances were stained and ruined and we were desperate to have something that would finally work. After hiring Army Of One we had found our answer. Owner was prompt, friendly and genuinely cared about helping us. He was very informative about his products and his services and completely dedicated to his job. We are 100% finally satisfied with our water and would recommend Army Of One to anyone looking for a fast, efficient fix to their water problems!!!!
— Deniel Ewing