Installing your new system

After we determine the appropriate system to fit your needs, we will expertly install your system, allowing all of the water used throughout your home to be treated, including water used in your kitchen, bathrooms and laundry. If you have a water quality issue affecting all areas of your home, then a point of entry solution would be the best choice for you.

Softening Hard Water

Hard water causes scale buildup in pipes and fixtures, interferes with the effectiveness of laundry and bath soap and shortens the life of appliances.

Removing Heavy Sediment

Heavy sediment damages hot water heaters and plumbing systems, soils laundry and dishes, and can adversely affect drinking and cooking water.

Removing Special Contaminants

Special contaminants include iron, lead, bacteria and viruses. A POE system can treat specific concerns, for example via a filter designed to remove iron, lead (from the home's plumbing and pipes) or chlorine residue (if the water is disinfected), or via an ultrafiltration system that reduces bacteria and viruses.